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Adamstown Community Early Learning and Preschool Inc. would like to acknowledge the Awabakal people who are the traditional custodians of this land. We would also like to pay respect to the elders past and present of the Awabakal people and extend that respect to other Aboriginal people present.


Adamstown Community Early Learning and Preschool will provide a holistic approach to high quality, community based early education and care for the children and families of the service.


Nature Connecting with nature and the physical environment

Nurture - Nurturing each child’s uniqueness

Learning - Growing each child’s love for learning

Relationships Valuing the relationships which contribute to each child’s life


We acknowledge the infinite learning possibilities available in nature, therefore foster strong connections with children and the natural environment.

We promote home like environments as we believe children have the right to feel a sense of belonging to the service by reflecting their familiar surroundings.

We recognise the environment as ‘the third teacher’ by providing stimulating settings for which children can independently, or in social contexts, construct their knowledge.

We encourage children to take responsibility in caring for their world by supporting their engagement in sustainable practices.


We nurture children’s uniqueness by supporting them to thrive and therefore achieve their full potential, in their own time.

We nurture safe, warm and authentic environments to support children’s development of trust, secure attachments and strong emotional bonds with our educators.

We nurture children’s healthy bodies and minds, by providing wholesome nutritious meals, engagement in physical fitness, environments for comfortable rest and relax and opportunities to learn about their health and wellbeing.


We support children to grow a love for learning by providing uninterrupted time to play and opportunities to increase knowledge through educators’ intentional teaching.

We view children as competent and capable citizens of the present, through ensuring all children have the right to make decisions which affect them.

We facilitate a risk based approach to children’s learning to enhance their development of risk competency as they freely explore their world.

We acknowledge the importance of dialogue in children’s learning by engaging in wholesome interactions and meaningful conversations with children.

We are committed to enhancing our team’s professional knowledge through providing ongoing, quality learning opportunities, which in turn provides better outcomes for children.


We value a positive and transparent organisational culture that works in partnership with all stakeholders.

We foster warm and reciprocal relationships with children which respects their uniqueness.

We acknowledge each child’s family as the most important influence in their life, therefore encouraging active contributions to children’s overall learning and wellbeing within the service.

We embrace cultural competence by committing to learning about diverse cultures, actively challenging bias and promoting social equality.

We value reciprocal partnerships with our community to utilise their expertise for improving policy and practice to the service.