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Kate Higginbottom

Service Director and Nominated Supervisor

My name is Kate Higginbottom and first and foremost I would like to acknowledge the significant role each family play in their child’s learning, by introducing my most important role as a mother to my beautiful sons Benji and Knox. I have had the pleasure of working in the early education and care industry for over 13 years. My qualifications include a Diploma in Children's Services, Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.  My experience in managing an early childhood service extends over the past ten years, working across diverse settings from private services, to not for profit organisations and now the community sector. I was fortunate to join the ACELP team in early 2013 as the Service Director and Nominated Supervisor, working Monday to Thursday. I also support the Early Childhood community as a trainer, consultant and author, having written for publications such as ECA Research in Practice, AARE and Rattler. I believe children have the right to the best possible start in developing and ‘growing their love for a lifetime of learning’ from birth.



Assistant Director

My name is Sarah and I have my Diploma of Children’s Services. In 2016, I was appointed the role of Assistant Director to support the leadership of the service. I have been working in the industry for the past 7 years with most of my time being spent with children aged 14mths to 2yrs, however I have spent some time with the preschool aged children also. I began working in the industry in Canberra before moving here in 2013. I  support Kate the Director, as the acting Nominated Supervisor in her absence.  I love being a part of the children’s learning and watching them thrive as they explore the world around them and develop a love for learning. In  October 2015, I entered the other side of educating and caring for children as I became a mummy to my beautiful son Eddie.

Deborah (427x640)


Administration Officer

My name is Deborah and I am the Administration Officer for the service. I work alongside the Director Kate and  Assistant Director Sarah in managing administration for the centre. I have over 10 years experience in Preschool administration and public education and currently work part time at another community based service also. I have recently undertaken study in Education Support to further my awareness in this profession. I thoroughly enjoy my role and being part of the wonderful team here at Adamstown.

April (427x640)


Early Childhood Teacher and Educational Leader                     Second in Charge- Nominated Supervisor                                      

My name is April and I completed my Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies/ Teaching (Primary) at UON in 2013. Since then I have worked in long day care centres as an Early Childhood Teacher as well as working in the K-2 years at primary schools. I believe that children are very confident and capable learners and with the encouragement to play and learn in a supportive, natural environment are able to grow in their own special ways. Teaching, caring and watching children grow is a great passion of mine and I feel very blessed every day that I am able to come to a job that I love. 

Katie (427x640)


Early Childhood Teacher and Educational Leader

My name is Katie and I completed my Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)/ Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies at the University of Newcastle in 2012. Since then, I have had a wonderful opportunity to work in a range of primary schools and early childhood settings- both preschools and long day cares. I am passionate about helping children find their sense of belonging within their environment and helping them learn the skills needed to learn, explore and grow in the early stages of their lives. I am lucky to be able to experience motherhood, having had my beautiful first daughter Penny in June 2015.

Kelly (427x640)


 Behaviour and Development Specialist and Qualified Educator

My name is Kelly and I have been working in the early childhood sector for over 8 years, where I completed by Certificate 3 and Diploma qualifications respectively. Furthermore, I have recently completed by Bachelor of Psychological Science through the University of New England. My experience in early education is predominately teaching the preschool years, however in recent years I have been blessed to build my experience working with the Toddler and Nursery ages. I strongly believe that early childhood is the most important stage of a child's development and their experiences during this time will shape who they become. Helping children to grow, learn and discover who they are is so rewarding and exciting, which is exactly why I love what I do!

Luana (427x640)


Qualified Educator

My name is Luana and I have been working in the Early Education and Care Sector for over 20 years. I completed my Diploma of children’s services in 1994 and have since worked in a variety of services as a lead educator. I believe that the most important job we have as educators is to instil in a child a sense of their own worth, to let them know they are capable, competent and valued individuals. I believe children should be able to develop their imaginations, have freedom of choice and embrace learning through play opportunities. This allows them to just be children and explore the many challenges of the world. 

Nicole (427x640)


Qualified Educator (Maternity Leave)

My name is Nicole and I have my Diploma in Children’s Services, I have been working in the industry for 6 years now and I am currently studying my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care. I was employed here with Adamstown in 2014 and I am very pleased to have a permanent position with this wonderful service, where the children are at heart. I have experienced working in a variety of rooms, with children of all ages. I love being involved in children’s education and watching them grow and learn. 

Tiffany (427x640)


Qualified Educator

My name is Tiffany and I completed my Diploma in Early Education and Care in late 2016. I first commenced with ACELP as a trainee in 2015, learning and being mentored from my experienced colleagues.  I now work as a full time lead educator in the toddlers environment and enjoy building strong and secure relationships with our children and families. I believe in providing a safe, yet challenging environment to help children learn and grow. I hope to encourage all children's sense of belonging to our environment and the wider community.

Tammy (427x640)



My name is Tammy and I hold a Certificate 3 in Early Education and Care.  I am currently upgrading my qualifications and studying Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. I previously worked as the administration officer however moved into the role of full time educator here at Adamstown in 2015. I have two adult children and have always had a passion for a career in early childhood. After working in administration for over 15 years, I made the best decision in changing fields. I believe that children need to feel safe, valued, nurtured and respected. As an educator and by working together in harmony with the child's family, I make sure this is achieved. I feel it is of great importance that each child is treated as an individual so that their interests, personality and strengths can shine through. By role modelling reciprocal relationships each day for the children to learn from, I am assisting in their development to build healthy relationships.

Tristan (427x640)



My name is Tristan and I have worked for 15 years in the early childhood sector, namely in long day care settings. I was excited to  join the ACELP team in 2017. I have a certificate three in children's services and a certificate four in front line management. I pride myself on having a good rapport with children and enjoy collaborating with families in order to get the best outcomes for the children in my care. I know that children are capable beings, both interesting and interested in the world around them. Children's health and well being is important to me - while I want children to be challenged by their surroundings, I see it as of great import they feel a sense of comfort and belonging in their community.

Abbie (427x640)



My name is Abbie and I have been in the early childhood field for over five years. I commenced my career completing my traineeship and since been employed with Adamstown. I have recently had my first child Xander and have returned from maternity leave part time. My experience with young children is primarily in teaching children 0-2 years, however I have thoroughly enjoyed working across all ages and most recently with the Nursery age group. I believe in providing the children with a safe, supportive and challenging environment to play and learn, extending their development and knowledge in the early years.

Ellie (427x640)



My name is Ellie and I am an educator here at Adamstown Community Early Learning and Preschool. I commenced my part time role in January 2017 and am enjoying working whilst also completing my Certificate 3 in early education and care with TAFE NSW. Having previous experience in being a nanny, this was the next transition into my career choice as an educator.

Rachael (427x640)



My name is Rachael and I am an educator here at Adamstown Community Early Learning and Preschool. Having previous experience in teaching young children as a surf instructor gave me insights into further pursuing a career in early childhood education.  I was employed by ACELP in 2018  to par take in an education and care traineeship where I both worked part time and completed my Certificate 3 in early education and care with TAFE NSW. I have since been offered a full time educator position  for 2019 in which I am working with the Toddler age group.

Amiee (427x640)


Service Cook

My name is Amiee and I am the relief Cook  here at Adamstown. I have a son Asher, who is the light of my life and where I found a passion for caring for young children. I come from a large Italian Family and love cooking for them. I have a range of experience in hospitality and food preparation but joining the team at Adamstown has been my first role in cooking for children.  I love cooking for the children at our service and introducing them to new, healthy and culturally inclusive foods.