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Our service in its entirety supports children’s connections between home and early learning.
We know that families are first and foremost the greatest importance in a child’s life and we pride ourselves
on developing quality relationships with families and the community to best support each unique child.

Our facilities ensure children feel a sense of home whilst at our service giving them the best opportunity
to build confidence as well as support their individual sense of belonging to their early learning service.

Our guiding principles are equally of value in supporting children’s engagement with:

Nature - Connecting with nature and the physical environment

Nurture - Nurturing each child’s uniqueness

Learning - Growing each child’s love for learning

Relationships - Valuing the relationships which contribute to each child’s life

Risk - Developing children's risk competence


Our infant room supports an intimate group of six children each day aged 0- 24 months with two qualified and experienced educators. Our ratios of one educator to three children exceed regulatory guidelines and the National Quality Standards for this age group.

We value the importance of quality early learning and care by supporting one on one and small group experiences giving each child the best opportunity to learn and grow. This room boasts our connection with nature and the importance of a home like environment by offering calming tonal colours and age appropriate stimulating materials.



Our toddler room was established in January 2013 when we separated our nursery room. This area originally catered for 16 children per day 0-3 years, and is now a more appropriately designed space.

As we acknowledge the importance of providing quality and age appropriate care and curriculum, this space now facilitates 10 children aged 2-3 years with two qualified and experienced educators. This environment primarily supports the introduction to independence and the acknowledgement of the children’s voices and choices.




Our preschool environment is a beautiful diverse space. This group facilitates children aged 3- 5 years and caters for up to 24 children per day. We have 3 qualified educators each day inclusive of a qualified Early Childhood Teacher, trained in both the early years and primary education.

Our teacher leads the team in implementing a quality transition to school program, allowing each child the best possible start to school. This room supports a planned yet flexible routine which promotes children’s sense of independence and potential to learn everyday.