Adamstown Community Early Learning and Preschool is 43 place community based early education service which caters for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years.

As a community based not-for-profit service, our building premise is owned by Newcastle City Council and operates as an Incorporated Association. The management structure consists of a voluntary parent committee who are responsible for the viability and managerial aspects of the business and who employ a qualified Service Director responsible for the day to day operations of the service.

We have three age specified learning environments; Infants 0-2 years, Toddlers 2-3 years and Preschool 3-5 years, which support children’s strengths, needs and interests. Our highly qualified and experienced team implement an emergent curriculum based on the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF, 2009).  Each child is supported individually through documentation of their time at our service within their own unique child learning journals and provided to families at the end of each year.

Hours and Days of operation

Monday- Friday
7:30am- 5:30pm

Office Hours
8:30am - 4:30pm

Closed Public Holidays (fees are not payable on public holidays)

Operates 50 weeks of the year. Closed for two weeks over the Christmas and New Year Period.

Fees and Charges

Explorers (0-2 years) Daily Fee: $134.00* **

Investigators (2-3 years) Daily Fee: $133.00* **

Engineers (3-5years) Daily Fee: $132.00* **

Inclusive Activity Day fees have an additional $3.00
added to the daily fee.

Casual days attract an additional $15.00
on top of the daily fee.

The fees typically change each January, notified to families
via email and updated on our website.

*These fees are not inclusive of the
Child Care Subsidy (CCS). If you are eligible for CCS, then the amount shown may be reduced. The service can give you
an individual quote with information from the
Family Assistance Office (FAO).

The Link for the FAO can be found
at the base of our contact page.

Annual Building Levy (per family): $60.00

Annual Equipment Levy (per family): $60.00

Annual General Parent Association Fee: $3.00

**In addition you may be eligible for the NSW Start Strong Long Day Care Fee Relief subsidy. You will need to check with the service for your eligibility status.

Community Based Structure- An Incorporated Association

As a community based service, the business of Adamstown Community Early Learning and Preschool is managed by a Voluntary Parent Management Committee. The building itself is owned by Newcastle City Council and the land premise is owned by Crown Land.

Our Management Committee usually consists of 4-5 Office Bearing Members including:

President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Public Officer.

A new committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) usually in March and the committee of the previous year is dissolved within this agenda also. This means that parents may choose to re-elect each year where they decide to continue in a role.

The way the positions are elected is that families of our service enter into membership of the General Association. They are then responsible to attend this annual meeting and vote upon each individual role.

Once the committee have been elected, they are then responsible to the business of Adamstown Community Early Learning and Preschool. The service director is responsible for the day to day operation and management of the service. The Committee and Service Director generally meet each month for updates, review and required decision making.

Some of the benefits of being a part of a community based service include:

  • Being part of a completely not for profit organisation, ensuring that every cent is spent on quality outcomes for children.
  • As a parent and a potential member of the committee, you have the opportunity to provide input in decision making with regards to important aspects of the centre.
  • The service is solely focused on what is needed for its children, families and the local community.


We provide a variety of services to our families including meals; morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and various reduced cost excursions and incursions.

Our menu is created by our qualified cook and based on nutritional guidelines: Good for Kids, Good for Life. We create all meals from scratch and include a range of diverse ingredients and cultural recipes for children to expand their palettes. Examples of our meals included in our winter seasonal menus are listed below.

Please Note: We cater for all allergies, intolerances and food preferences as well as providing appropriate seasonal purees for babies.

A full copy of our seasonal menus are available for viewing at the service or on request.


Morning Tea:

  • Cheese and crackers served with a fruit platter.
  • Yogurt and muesli served with a fruit platter.
  • Vege or fruit based muffins served with a fruit platter.


  • Butter chicken served with basmati rice and steamed seasonal vegetables
  • Pork Chow Mein served with Singapore noodles and steamed seasonal vegetables
  • Mixed Sandwich platters served with a variety of vegetable sticks
  • Beef Roast served with roasted seasonal vegetables and wholemeal bread roll

Afternoon Tea:

  • Home made Pizza scrolls served with vegetable sticks.
  • Hummus Dip served with vegetable sticks and rice crackers.
  • Spinach and feta scones served with vegetable sticks.