Talking and Thinking About Death

Life happens, which means inevitably death happens. Children can be shielded from the experience of death, and what that means, for a period of time but as they grow and explore the social world, they will come into contact with conversations, games or even visuals of death. For most of us parents that is a

So what’s the deal with sleep… continued

Continuing with the sleep topic we will be exploring two additional aspects of sleep in this blog installment. We will continue this topic again in a later blog exploring bedtime routines and sleep disorders. This blog looks at aspects of:• Sleep Associations• Regressions Sleep Associations – what are they and what do they do?Sometimes coined

Supporting your child with Separation Distress

Your child can from time to time, or sometimes more often than not, show signs of separation distress. Separation distress occurs when a child feels upset and can become visibly distressed when they are separating from a parent or caregiver. This can occur when you separate from your child with not only Educators at an

What does ‘school readiness’ mean exactly?

Wind back the clock. Its 1995 and it’s your first day of kindergarten. You sit down at your desk and are told to get out your pencil to write your name and the alphabet. Your teacher then asks you to count to 20 and then choose a book off the shelf to read to her.

So What’s The Deal With Sleep?

Photo by Kendra Wesley on Unsplash Written by Kelly West (B. Psyc Science)Behaviour and Development Specialist This is quite an interesting topic as it has so many facets and differences with each individual child and families approaches to sleep and bedtime routines. There are also cultural differences from around the world that can play a

How to support children with new siblings

It is natural for families to grow and expand over time. From the magical and terrifying first child experience to the joy and overwhelm of adding yet another baby to the family. While us as adults can become wrapped up in the excitement of welcoming a new baby to the family, your existing children may

Is “Sharing” a loaded word?

What is sharing? Sharing is to give something you have, or part of, to another with the intention of a positive outcome for both individuals involved. We ask children all the time to “share” their things with others and the response from them is often less than pleasant. Eye rolling, tantrums, questioning, reluctancy. If this